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The Loveart& Van is a mobile arts and education vehicle donated to us by local supporter, Vincent Harris (pictured below).

Mobility allows us to reach more kids by expanding our range and locations of projects which include: arts based, creative workshops and environmental and ecology based programming. Rather than bringing kids to a centralized Loveart& location to participate in our workshops, which requires funding and staff time on the part of schools and other community organizations, we bring the programming to them.

The goal of the program is to help supplement school and community youth programming that has suffered funding cutbacks in recent years. Specifically, this program focuses on under-funded schools, diverse socioeconomic groups, and low-income communities where children and youth often do not have access to creative programming in their classrooms or after-school/community programs due to city and state-wide budget cuts.

The Loveart& Van increases our flexibility by allowing us to function administratively on-the-go as the vehicle is equipped to function as a portable office.

What's up with the color ? 

We wanted our van to stand out and represent us - vibrant and cheerful. While surfing at sunset, co-founders Shannon and Jenn decided they wanted to try to re-create the colors they saw in the sea and sky that evening.  They met with a paint company and created the color "shannon sunset" for the van. 


evolution of the loveart& van.....