Loveart& Fundraiser, Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fundraiser on November 2nd! We want to give a big thanks to RINEKWALL, AOSA Image and Picnics Kitchen for all their support in making this event possible. We sincerely enjoyed having you all celebrate with us and take part in the silent art auction. Save Our Youth Center provided amazing entertainment with their performance and had everyone pumped! We hope you all had a blast and enjoyed yourselves! We look forward to more special events in the future and are extremely grateful to everyone who joined us that evening.      

Good company and lots of laughs 

Performance by Save Our Youth Center 

Painting Workshop with S.O.Y Center


Today in our painting workshop we worked with the concept of "love" - the word itself, the idea of love, the way love makes them feel, or something that they love. Their awesome pieces will be available at our upcoming Cocktail Party & Art Auction on Saturday, November 2nd.

MIKA Community Development Workshop


Loveart& was asked to host a candle making workshop with the participants of the Costa Mesa based MIKA Community Development organization. We used organic ingredients to create candles that the participants will sell at their fundraiser to help cover the expense of sending them to summer camp.